5 Funny Field Hockey Quotes

These are 5 funny field hockey quotes that will amuse players and non-players alike. Just like every sport, field hockey has its share of quotes, most of them sexual. Field hockey is becoming more and more mainstream, and people are paying more and more attention. These are the five funniest quotes about field hockey.

  1. We work with balls really well This quote is a joke about sex. Since girls are generally the only players that actually play field hockey and the gameis basically just hockey with a ball instead of a puck, it is obvious why this joke is funny.
  2. We play until we score This is yet another field hockey quote about sex. If a game ever ends in a tie, players simply play until somebody scores, no matter how many overtimes it takes.
  3. We do it for 70 minutes in 11 different positions Just like the last two, this quote is once again referring to sex. In field hockey a typical game last 70 minutes unless there is over time, and there are 11 different positions on the field.
  4. Seven days with out field hockey makes one WEAK This is the first non-sexual joke about field hockey on this list. Basically it is just word play between the words week and weak. This one was fairly obvious.
  5. We know how to take it up the middle The last joke on the list of field hockey quotes is another sexual one. One of the hardest ways to score is to take the ball through the middle of the field.



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