5 Funny Football Pump Up Songs

It isn’t easy to find five funny football pump up songs. Most pump up songs are serious, with inspirational or motivational lyrics and music. In the case of these five songs, funny is not only great for laughs, it can be a real motivator too. Each of these funny football songs is unique, and each one sets a mood that will pump up athletes and fans alike.

  1. “Do You Like Waffles?” This is a novelty song by Parry Gripp, member of the American punk band Nerf Herder. This funny pump up song is best for the football locker room. Athletes can make it even funnier by making up their own crazy lyrics to sing along.
  2. “The Safety Dance.” This is an 80s single by Canadian New Wave band, Men Without Hats. Although some think it’s a call to safe sex, or maybe even an anti-nuclear protest, the group claims it’s a protest against bouncers that stop dancers from pogoing in New Wave clubs. At any rate, the song protests something, making it a good candidate for a football pump up song.
  3. “Secret.” “Secret” is a song by American actor and comedian Adam Sandler. Listener discretion is advised. The lyrics boast a secret the singer wants to share (he gave himself a haircut, but he won’t tell where). While the lyrics are foul, the song’s techno sound make it a possible choice for the locker room.
  4. “Cotton Eye Joe.” This is a funny football pump up song by Rednex, a Swedish band with a techno/folk/bluegrass sound. This feet-stomping, hand-clapping twist on an old folk song, popular as a country and western line dance, is a fun and funny sports motivator. It will definitely get the fans pumped up for their favorite football team.
  5. “We Like Sportz.” “We Like Sportz” is a funny song by The Lonely Island, an American comedy troupe known for their musical parodies. The singers rap about their love for sports and all things connected, like beer and television: “E, to the S, to the P, to the N / It’s all I watch, cause I’m the man.” It’s a funny locker room song, great for spreading some “bro love” around the team.

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