5 Funny Mafia Movies

The big screen has five mafia movies that are funny, though the mafia itself is a scary organization. These movies make fun of how things are handled in the organization and their everyday occurrences. Here is a list of mafia life that anyone will find funny.

  1. “Married To The Mob” was directed by Jonathan Demme in 1988, this mafia comedy revolves around a gangster's widow who wants to move on with her life free from her dead husband’s mob connections. Michelle Pfeiffer plays the widow in this comedy and all of her attempts to break away from the mobster lifestyle end in comedy chaos. This widow has the government trying to get information from her about the mob as well as another mob boss who wants to have an affair with her, which she is continuously resisting throughout the movie.
  2. “My Cousin Vinny” is a 1992 comedy mob film that was written by Dale Launer, in this comedy two men from New Jersey are on trial in a small town in Alabama for a murder that they did not commit. These two men feel there is no lawyer in the town that will help them so they call on their cousin Vinny to come from New York to be their attorney. This movie is hilarious how Vinny’s big city personality clashes with the southern small townspeople that he must interact with in order to get evidence for his cousin’s case.
  3. “The Whole Nine Yards” is a mobster comedy with big name actors that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat laughing at the antics they go through just to get their hidden money. Matthew Perry plays a dentist who is struggling with his marriage and financially, so he finds the mob boss that has a reward out for his new neighbor Bruce Willis who is a retired mob boss that is in hiding. As the story plays out Matthew Perry’s new neighbor saves his life from his own wife to the mob boss who he went to for the reward. In the end Matthew and Bruce have no other choice but to become friends because they actually need each other to survive.
  4. “The Gang That Could Not Shoot Straight” was made in 1971 but this mafia comedy reminds you of the silent slapstick films of the 1920’s. This comedy is about two New York mafia gangs who are fighting over territory in Brooklyn. Throughout the movie there is a lion that one gang is using to influence the other to give up the territory.
  5. “Analyze This” is one of a three series of mobster comedy movies starring Billy Crystal and Robert DeNiro. In this movie, the mobster boss Robert DeNiro secretly seeks to find psychiatrist because he is having emotional problems. It is against the mob rules to go to outside the organization and discuss what is going on in their personal lives so DeNiro constantly shows up in the psychiatrist’s office and personal life without appointment seeking help. As the gang becomes suspicious, DeNiro forces Crystal to play along as if he is an informant for the gang. This mafia movie is hilarious and will have you on the edge of your seat wondering what antic will play out next just for DeNiro to have a meeting with his psychiatrist.
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