5 Funny Sex Moves

Every guy should have 5 funny sex moves in his sexual arsenal because you never know when one may come in handy. Something may happen during the course of sex that would require an act to break the tension. That is exactly where one of the 5 funny sex moves would come in and save the day.

  1. Exaggerated dirty talk. Talking dirty to your partner can be erotic and stimulating. But when you take it too far, on purpose, and use a funny voice then it becomes one of the 5 funny sex moves. In the middle of the act it can be either a great way to break the tension or a horrible mood killer, but using way too much dirty talk is definitely a funny sex move.
  2. Tickling. Regardless of what she says, every woman is ticklish on some part of her body. Sometimes the fun is in trying to find that spot, and that is what makes this one of the best 5 funny sex moves.
  3. Using the blindfold. A blindfold can be used as a tool of stimulation, or it can be used to get the both of you laughing. Blindfold her, promise her something erotic and then start quacking like a duck. The blindfold creates an erotic expectation, and when comedy is introduced it makes the situation that much funnier.
  4. Impressions. If your lady has ever joked about wanting to be with a celebrity, or even been serious about it, then you can get her laughing in bed by doing an impression of that celebrity while you two are in the act. This can either be one of the best entries on the list of 5 funny sex moves, or it can be the creepiest. That would all depend on which celebrity you are impersonating.
  5. Dressing up. The most effective entries on the list of 5 funny sex moves are the ones that start off creating a laugh, but then move quickly into being erotic. If she throws on a diaper and starts talking like a baby then that can be pretty funny at first. But the more that time passes the more kinky, and erotic, that it can be. Try role playing and dressing up as a way to make each other giggle in the bedroom, but always leave room for it to get hot and heavy eventually.
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