5 Games Adults Play At Picnics

If your up to host the next picnic in your social circle, you need to learn about these 5 games adults play at picnics to keep the party hopping! Picnics offer adults an opportunity to eat great food, socialize, and play recreational games with other adult friends. The atmosphere of a picnic is laid back, and can be tremendous fun with these five games for adults to play at a picnic. Put a fun twist on these adult games by offering topless or bathing suit only games which is sure to bring on a round of laughter and adult camaraderie!

  1. Horseshoes. Horseshoes is a quick game to learn and probably is the most popular game adults play at picnics. Pitching horseshoes requires a minimal amount of athleticism, meaning yes, even the most uncoordinated folks can play too! The goal in a game of "shoes" is to pitch your set of horseshoes to either ring around the stake in the ground or to be the closest to it within 6 inches. Teams are set up in pairs, and each player pitches two horseshoes a length of 37 feet (or less, depending on your level of expertise) towards the end of the court to ring around the metal stake or place closest to it.  
  2. Volleyball. Volleyball is another popular game adults play at picnics. Also played at the hottest beaches in the skimpiest bathing suits, professional volleyball players gained celebrity status when sand league tournaments began airing on national television. Although professional volleyball has a myriad of rules and regulations, in an adult game played at a picnic, the rules and regulations used are minimal. Teams assemble on either side of the net after determining which team will serve first via either a volley or coin toss, a rally begins and players hit the volley ball back and forth over the net using their hands (avoiding cupping or catching the ball) without letting the ball hit the ground. Points are awarded when the ball hits the ground on the opposing teams side after serving.    
  3. Bocce Ball. Like horseshoes, a game of bocce ball takes a small amount of physical activity, and because it is not fast paced, it's a great game for adults to play at a picnic maximizing socializing opportunities. In this picnic game, teams assembled in maximum amounts of four players throw bocce balls to come closest to the smaller pallina ball thrown at the start of the game. After all balls are thrown, the team with the closest ball to the pallina is awarded one point for each ball that is closer than all other opponents balls to the pallina.  
  4. Bolo Toss. Also known as ladder or lawn golf, bolo toss is the perfect game for adults to play at picnics as it requires a limited amount of physical activity and is so easy to learn and master. In Bolo toss teams/players consisting of two or more toss bolos towards the "ladder" trying to wrap the bolo around the ladder rung.  Points given are in accordance with the number of bolos hung on the ladder and in which points position they are wrapped.  
  5. Charades.  Though not typically thought of a game adults play at picnics, charades are fun to play outside and require little equipment, in lieu of a sharp mind and creative atmosphere.  What's great about charades is that it can be custom tailored to suit any theme from acting out porn scenes to imitating your favorite sports icon.   

No matter what game you choose, a rule of thumb is to include all that want to be included and let those that don't be the audience.  Adult picnic games should be entertaining, and slightly on the competitive side, and most of all, lead to fun and small talk. Another great tip for adult picnics is to award the winners with a small prize.  It could be as simple as a six pack of beer to a small first place trophy or ribbon you purchased at the dollar store.  


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