5 Games To Play With Your Partner

Need 5 games to play with your partner? Playing games with your partner is a good way to reinvigorate your sex life or just add dimension to what goes on in the bedroom. Of course, you have to be of the right mindset and know what types of games to play. For example, scrabble rarely leads to sex, as there is too much spelling involved. Pictionary could lead to sex, but it involves some real drawing skill, as stick figures are only erotic to the very horny. (And what wouldn't those types find erotic?) However, there are a number of different games that playfully and casually involve a sexual situation or goal that may help light both of your fires. The best part about these games is that you usually both win at the end. Or at least that's the goal…

  1. Naughty Nurse. A "role" playing game with your partner, the woman should dress up as a nurse whose uniform suddenly got very sexy and uncomfortable to wear. As the nurse, she should take control of her "patient" and order him to do things, as per doctor's orders. Most of this involves removing his clothes, removing the "nurse's" clothes, all leading up to taking a semen sample. Not exactly a surprise ending, but it gets the job done.
  2. Flashlight game. With the lights turned out, each partner should grab a flashlight and illuminate the areas of their body that they want the other person to lick. These constant reveals will up the heat of the sexual encounter. If you manage to lose this game, like you're constantly illuminating your elbow, you've got other problems.
  3. Body Paint Game. For this game with your partner, purchase body paint from a local sex shop to spend an evening painting your partner different colors. This painting with a delicate brush is a sensual bit of foreplay. The sex that will go on afterwards will smear everything into your own personal masterpieces and the shower to wash it all off is the perfect finish.
  4. Strip Poker. This game with your partner actually requires a bit of gamesmanship. Use the simple game of five card draw to gamble different articles of clothing until you are both mostly naked. Sexual favors are bet next and then the cards are usually forgotten about. The tension of each hand will parallel quite well with the sexual tension surrounding the game.
  5. Multiple Choice. Three options should be listed for each partner for how they want to orgasm. These three options should then be presented to the other partner and a clock should be set. Whoever can make the other orgasm faster wins. 
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