5 Games Women Play

Learn about 5 games women play so you don't get played. Men may have been the ones who started playing games first, but women have mastered the skill of playing games. It's a fact, women scheme and plot. A man doesn’t hold a candle to the trickery and deception a woman plays. Here you can try to understand it.

  1. Nothing excites a woman more than two guys fighting over her. Women can be devious she might try to pit two guys that are both interested in her against one another, just for the attention and she might not be interested in either guy. She just may want to brag to her friends how she had two guys fighting over her. Guys are not the only ones that like to brag.

  2. Women like to play hard to get to see what they can get. There is nothing wrong with getting to know a guy before giving up the cookies, that’s the respectable thing to do. On the other hand if you notice she is always asking you to do something for her or always trying to get something from you, but is no way shape or form trying to have a relationship with you, she’s playing games. You are just being used until she realizes you are on to her and the well has run dry. Then she’ll be ready to move on to bigger and better things.

  3. Women like to play games by making her man or the man she has her eye on jealous; at your expense.You might be out at a club and an attractive woman catches your attention and you approach her. She seems friendly and very inviting, but what she doesn’t tell you is she is already there with someone; or hopes to be. Why does she fell to mention that, because she is trying to make her man (or another man) jealous by playing games with you? You are totally clueless that this woman you are buying drinks for who is cozying up to you is only doing this to get the attention of another man; she has no interest in you.

  4. A woman with two personalities may not be the right woman for you. The two of you have a lot in common. You enjoy each other’s company, but does that change when she gets around her friends? She seems very caring and attentive when it’s just the two of you, but when you see her out with friends her behavior changes. She acts cold and annoyed by you. Face it, she is playing games with you.

  5. If you ever ask yourself is she playing games with you, that’s why she never lets you pick her up for a date, there’s is a good chance she's playing you. It’s understandable if she doesn’t want you to know where she lives on the first couple of dates, so you agree to meet her there. If she continues to decline your offer to pick her up for the date, she might be playing games. It’s possible she has someone at home and she doesn’t want you to know because she’s having fun messing with your mind.

When you meet a new woman it’s best to be upfront with her.

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