5 Garage Sale Tips For Selling Clothing

If you are planning a garage sale, here are 5 garage sale tips for selling clothing. These tips will help make your garage sale a success and will give you a chance to get rid of your unwanted belongings and make a little cash on the side. Getting rid of those unwanted clothes should be a cinch with these five garage sale tips for selling clothing:

Here is a list of supplies you'll need:

  • Permit (if needed, check with your local ordinance)
  • Gently worn clothing
  • Tables
  • Signs
  • Sturdy paper to make signs
  1. Organize clothes by size. It will be easier for the customers to find the sizes they are looking for. Customers will typically buy more if they can find what they are looking for easily. For example, place all the medium-sized shirts together.
  2. Place signs stating clothing sizes. Nobody wants to waste their time looking through a bunch of clothes if their size isn't available. Group like-sizes together as stated earlier and place a sign nearby, stating what size is found in this area.
  3. Only sell clothes that are gently worn. People aren't going to buy clothes that have holes in them. Even small stains can ruin a sale.
  4. Fold clothes neatly on tables or hang them up. Make it easy for the customers to shop with nicely displayed clothing. Nobody wants to search through a heaping pile of clothes that look like dirty laundry.
  5. Try to have the price written on signs, instead of placed on clothes. Sticky tags often leave a residue behind when removed that is difficult to get rid of.  This could make for a disappointed customer.
  6. Price clothes to sell. People won't spend a lot of money on used clothes, so make sure the prices are reasonable. Name brand clothes will be easier to sell for a better price.
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