5 Get Rich Quick Ideas To Avoid

Here are 5 get rich quick ideas to avoid. Want to go to prison or end up dead? How about alienating your friends and family? If you don't, then definitely take note of the following activities.

  1. Bank Robbery. Robbing a bank is a quick way to score some cash, but you will also end up in prison. When you rob a bank, you will get caught and when you do, you will be serving automatic federal time without parole. Almost all bank robbers eventually get caught. If you don't want to bunk with a large, manly roommate, then do not rob a bank.
  2. Cocaine Smuggler. Most people have seen the movie "Blow" and perhaps have even fantasized about importing huge sums of cocaine and making millions of dollars quickly. If you decide to become a large scale cocaine smuggler then you need realize that if you get arrested and put in prison for a life sentence, then you are lucky. The alternatives include death and mutilation by the drug cartels. They no longer need your help and if you get involved, you will either get killed or have your legs cut off with a chain-saw.
  3. Porn Movie Producer. This is not definitely a get rich quick idea. The porn industry does make a lot of money but as a newbie, you will struggle to even get your foot in the door. If you decide to start your own porn production company using girls you know then you will probably lose money. How are you going to fight piracy? You spend $5,000 to film a low budget porn movie and then it is posted on all the porn tubes all over the internet. You can't make money if people are able to watch your product for free.
  4. Multi Level Marketing. So you think you have the right product with the right company and that you are going to get rich by inviting your friends and family over to meetings at your sponsor's house? Yeah right! Sure, some people do make a lot of money with MLM companies, but the vast majority do not. Think you will be the one in a million that will be a success? Nope, you sure won't be. You will fail miserably. Instead of arguing, start calling your "warm list." MLM is a get rich quick idea to definitely avoid. You will never get rich quick with MLM.
  5. Blogging. You can get rich with blogging. Blogging is a great way to make money, but it is by no means a get rich quick idea. If you are looking to get rich quick then blogging is not the way to go. If you stick with it and work hard, you can maybe build up a decent income. If you need to make a million dollars in a few months' time, then blogging will not be able to support your lifestyle.
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