5 Gift Ideas For Doctors

If your doctor takes great care of you and treats you well, you will want to give him one of the 5 best gift ideas for doctors. Lots of people want to give their doctors, great gifts, but many people don't have a clue what type of gift to buy for their doctor.  While most doctors don't expect gifts, it is nice to give a gift to them to show your appreciate of their hard work.

  1. Hand lotion. Since they are constantly washing their hands, doctor's hands can easily become cracked and dry. Good quality hand lotion is a good gift idea for a doctor, because it  will keep their hands soft even with so much washing. If you are sure what type of hand lotion to buy, you can ask your local pharmacist for recommendations for hand lotions for people who are constantly washing their hands.
  2. Baked goods. This is a great gift idea for doctors when you are on a limited budget. Many doctors like baked goods, because they can share the baked goods with their staff. To make this gift look great, you can put the baked goods into a nice basket and wrap it in cellophane.
  3. Hand written note. Many doctors feel overworked and under appreciated, so a hand written note is always a great gift idea for a doctor. If you are giving a hand written note to your child's doctor, make sure you have your child write the note. If your child isn't old enough to write the note, have them draw a picture for the doctor on the note. 
  4. Personalized Pens. Doctors always need pens, so personalized pens are great gift ideas for doctors.  On the Internet their are stores where you can order pens and have your doctor's name put on them. Having pens with their name on them will keep their staff and other doctors from taking their pens.
  5. Charitable donation. If you know your doctor's favorite charity, you can make a donation the charity in your doctor's name. If you don't know your doctor's favorite charity, you can make a donation to a charity that is related to their work. For example, if your doctor is an oncologist, a good gift idea for the doctor would be a donation the the American cancer society.
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