5 Golf Ball Tips

Golf balls are not all the same, and these 5 golf ball tips will guide you in finding the right ball for you. An incorrect assumption is that the golf ball that your favorite pro golfer uses on television should be the perfect ball for you. This may not be the case as there are many features that need to be considered when choosing the correct golf ball.

  1. Consider the cost of the golf balls. Everyone including the experienced golfer will lose a ball or two on the course. Many are lost on land and in water so the possibility of retrieval is slim. Purchasing golf balls is one of the most expensive components to playing the game. It is advisable that beginners buy recycled balls or the cheapest golf balls they can find. Once you are an intermediate player and find that you are not losing many balls, a higher priced ball may be in order. 
  2. Choose between a two-piece and a three-piece golf ball. The two-piece golf ball is known to improve distance and is a favorite among beginners. They are usually made with a synthetic or rubber core. The three-piece golf ball provides a better spin which gives lift to the ball. These balls can fly much higher than a two-piece golf ball.
  3. Determine what compression rate you prefer. The compression of a golf ball is measured by how hard the golf ball feels. The higher the compression, the harder the ball feels. Compression ratings are available from an 80 compression soft golf ball to a 100 compression hard golf ball. 
  4. Experiment with many types of golf balls. The best golf ball tip that can be offered is to take the knowledge above and purchase a few different types of balls. Try each one, and you will learn quickly which type of golf ball performs well with your personal golfing style and techniques. 
  5. Do not change your type of golf ball too often. Once you have chosen a specific golf ball, stick with it for a while. It is important to give yourself time to become accustomed to the feel of the ball. Constantly changing out the style of golf ball may make it difficult to determine what went wrong during a bad golfing game. You will not know if your shots were off because of swinging technique or if it was because you were unfamiliar with the ball.



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