5 Golf Cart Repair Tips

If you are the lucky owner of a golf cart, but not lucky enough to own a working one, these 5 golf cart repair tips would probably be good for you to know. Golf carts, like all machines, are complicated compared to other things, so by following these tips, you may not have an easy process, but it will be much less of a headache just by keeping these tips in mind while you put in some work in that broken down golf cart.

  1. Identify what is actually wrong with the golf cart before you attempt any repairs. The best thing to do is a quick one-over first and see if there’s anything you can fix by hand (i.e. a loose screw or something that needs oiling). This will save you hours of work and maybe hundreds of dollars on parts to find out you just needed to oil that one cog or tighten that one bolt.
  2. If the problem is bigger than just a quick fix, buy all the necessary tools before starting to fix your golf cart. This is an important tip for 99 percent of people because the other one percent don’t mind quitting in the middle of a job for 30 minutes to pick up some weird screwdriver or drilling bit. This will help tremendously for the simple fact that it won’t slow down your flow while you’re working, which is one of the biggest time-wasters in any kind of work environment.
  3. When removing things, such as screws and bolts, be sure to put them in a safe place so you can easily get them back on the golf cart intact. The ground is not considered a safe place whatsoever. In fact, laying all of the screws and other loose parts on the ground in a “pile” is the quickest way to lose them, so to help yourself out. Don’t do it. Also try and develop some kind of system where you separate different screws for different parts. For example, if you are working on the motor, put the screws holding the motor in a different section of the safe area from the screws that are holding the cover on the motor.
  4. If you are having trouble identifying the problem, take a break. While you’re trying to figure out what’s wrong exactly with your golf cart, you’ll get frustrated and won’t be able to think clearly, so take that break! It will allow you to assess the situation, relax and brainstorm ideas of what could be wrong with your golf cart.
  5. Whether you fix the problem or not, be sure to put everything back on the golf cart. This may sound tedious, but you don’t want to do some complicated “filing” system where you put all of the transmission parts over here and all the engine parts over there, and come back a week later to find everything again! 
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