5 Gonzaga Basketball Players That Made It To The NBA

Making waves in the college sports scene as a new basketball power, here are 5 Gonzaga players that made it to the NBA.

  1. John Stockton. Before John Stockton teamed up with Karl Malone in Utah to form one of the best pick-and-roll duos in NBA history, he went to Gonzaga. In the early 1980's, Gonzaga was not the premier basketball program it is today, but for a hometown kid without a lot of other options, it only made sense. In his senior season, he averaged nearly 21 points a game.
  2. Ronny Turiaf. Turiaf took an unorthodox route to Gonzaga. Born in Martinique, a French territory in the Carribean, raised in Paris, he was offered a scholarship to Gonzaga after an impressive high school career. Turiaf played four years for the Bulldogs, averaging 14 points, 9 rebounds, and 2 blocks during his senior season. He played a key role off the bench for the Lakers in their 2008 Finals run. He is easily the best big man from Gonzaga to make it to the NBA.
  3. Dan Dickau. Selected in the first round of the NBA draft by Sacramento, Dickau bounced around from team to team for much of his pro career. He never fully recovered from a ruptured Achilles' tendon, though he tried to make a comeback with the Warriors in 2008, but was quickly waived. Bigger things were expected from him after averaging over 20 points a game during his senior season at Gonzaga.
  4. Adam Morrison. Though his career is far from over, Morrison's career arc is beginning to closely resemble Dickau's. As a big college scorer, he was named 2006 Player of the Year. He was taken with the 3rd overall pick by Charlotte in that year's draft. However, Morrison never seemed to make the transition to the pro game. In 2009, Morrison was traded to the Lakers for Vladimir Radmonovic. He averaged less 8 minutes a game during the 2009-2010 season.
  5. Austin Daye. The Pistons took a risk drafting Austin Daye with the 15th overall pick in the 2009 draft. Having only played two seasons at Gonzaga, Daye was widely considered to be "raw." He has the physical abilities: size, speed, leaping ability, and athleticism. And while he still needs to put some muscle on his 6'11" frame, Daye showed flashes of promise in his rookie year, blocking shots, running the floor and just generally causing havoc in his limited minutes on the floor.



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