5 Good Sex Positions

For the adventurous couple, there are far more than 5 good sex positions, but this list covers the basics. From this list of good sex positions, couples can find slight variations and combinations, to the point that a bedroom jaunt is never the same twice. Here is our list of good sex positions, time-tested favorites that have been keeping men and women very happy for centuries.

  1. Missionary position – Some consider this one boring; after all, it's called the missionary position because it was the only acceptable form of sex for missionaries trying to procreate. It doesn't have to be boring, however. It's on our list of good sex positions because it brings the man, on top of the woman, very close, allowing for a lot of kissing. The woman can also alter where her legs are placed—spread out, wrapped around the man's waist, up on his shoulders—to change the angle and depth of penetration. Maybe those missionaries really did have it figured out.
  2. Cowgirl (girl on top) – The second of our good sex positions is the cowgirl, or girl on top position. The man lays back and the woman mounts him and takes control. This position allows for a good view of the woman, and leaves the man's hands free to caress her breasts and other parts of her body. The woman can also control the angle and depth of penetration. It is a favorite position of many men and women.
  3. Doggystyle – Here we get a little more risque. Doggystyle, with the man entering the woman from behind as she's on her hands and knees, is, among our list of good sex positions, favored by many women because for them it allows for the deepest penetration. Others like it because, facing away, it allows even more fantasy to come into play. 
  4. Reverse Cowgirl – This has the girl on top but facing away, and offers many of the advantages of both doggystyle and the cowgirl position. Changing the angle can give the guy a very good view while keeping the woman in complete control.
  5. The Wheelbarrow – This is the most acrobatic of our good sex positions. The woman lays face-first on a bed or couch, but only the front half of her body. The man holds her legs up and enters from behind. This position can be fun but requires a lot of endurance. The work is worth the result, as it is with any of our good sex positions.
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