5 Good Water Polo Workouts

These 5 good water polo workouts condition and strengthen. Water polo is a hard sport that takes strength and conditioning to maintain your pace and to be competitive. These five workouts will assist the player in all these areas. Keep in mind that swimming is a vital aspect of the game and should be incorporated whenever possible.

Note: Always remember to warm up before any condition or workout. A good work out here would be stretching, all muscle groups and a 300m swim at a fair pace.

  1. 50m Suicides: Suicides are a great conditioning tool and in water they are also good for strength and in water coordination. Begin with what you can handle but ideally you should be able to put together twelve to fourteen 50m suicides with limited rest between and sustain a fast pace. Do this by mixing swimming styles to work all the muscle groups needed for swimming.
  2. Rapid Underwater Kicking: Staying afloat is vital in water polo as you are often stationary awaiting the ball or movement. As such, working kicks is very important. In a two-minute period complete 75 to 100 free or rapid underwater kicks. Be sure to mix your kicks forward and side to side to mimic burst movements that may come into play.
  3. Underwater Running: Move to the low end of the pool where the water is at least waist high. The drill here is simple, run in place. The motion should be fluid and natural. You are working your legs to maintain strength and develop balance. Run forward and backward to gain strength and balance in either direction. Keep the run time to around five minute and repetitions of no more than three a session.
  4. Weight Training: Weights are vital for strength and condition alike. Here you want to work all the muscle groups without a need to concentrate on one area. The idea to remember is to you burst when you lift weights. That is to say, your motion should be quick and smooth. Use a weight that you are comfortable handling in quick motions and in repetition. You want to have repetitions and at a higher number, then you might for pure muscle building.
  5. Breath Training: Although most of your time in the water in water polo will be spent above water, it is advisable that you have a strong lung capacity. The water polo workout here is to hold your breath underwater while performing. You can do this by taking a water polo ball with you under water and mimic passes. Go under after deep breaths and without a breath and last as long as you can be fore surfacing.
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