5 Graduation Gifts For Parents

These 5 graduation gifts for parents are just some of the ways to let pat a parent on the back. In today's world of fast turnarounds and disposable goals, making sure a child graduates is no easy task. In fact, as of 2006, only 68.6 percent of public high school students graduated. That means that close to half the high school students in the nation didn't graduate. This is just one of the many reasons that one of these five graduation gifts for parents should be given to the parents who pushed their children to have a successful academic career.

  1. Luggage sets Now that their children have completed high school, why not encourage mom and dad to take a nice vacation to unwind and pat themselves on the back? This is one of many graduation gifts for parents that can last a lifetime!
  2. Champagne It's time to celebrate! After years of helping with homework and attending parent-teacher meetings, why not give champagne as a gift to help parents celebrate the effort they have put into their child's schooling?
  3. Jewelry Whether it's a necklace, bracelet or commemorative ring, jewelry makes great graduation gifts for parents. Not only is it positive reinforcement for the parents, but it also gives them a keepsake to admire when their child goes to college.
  4. Savings bonds Whether the high school graduate is going to college, going to work or both, it's likely that his parents are still going to help him out. A savings bond in any chosen amount is going to be highly appreciated as the parents switch their financial burden from the needs of a high school student to the needs of a soon-to-be adult!
  5. Gift certificates One of the simplest graduation gifts for parents is a gift certificate. It doesn't matter if it's to their favorite restaurant, online store or shopping center. Let the parents decide what type of gift they want to get themselves by giving them the flexibility that a gift certificate offers!
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