5 Graduation Party Centerpiece Ideas

Use these 5 graduation party centerpiece ideas at your next graduation party. Whether it's graduation from kindergarten or college, a party is a great way to celebrate the graduates success. The milestone can be made more memorable with a graduation party centerpiece.

To make these five graduation party centerpiece ideas, you will need:

  • graduation cap and tassel, after the graduate is finished with it, of course
  • rolled diplomas, paper and ribbon
  • photos of the graduate, decorative paper, dowel rods, flower pot, green floral foam
  • school mascot, such as animal figurines
  • paper for guests to write inspirational sayings and words of congratulations
  1. Make a cap and tassel graduation party centerpiece. This simple but striking party centerpiece is as simple as borrowing the graduation cap and tassel from the graduate. Place gift wrapped boxes—either real gifts or empty boxes—on the table and add the cap at an angle with the tassel floating down the side of the boxes. This works well for a gift table centerpiece because it may be taller than appropriate on tables for eating.
  2. Roll diplomas. Take nice white heavy paper and roll them to resemble a diploma. Tie the diplomas with ribbon in the school's color. Set three or five in the center of the table set with a dark tablecloth for contrast.
  3. Use a nice photograph of the graduate to create long-stemmed flowers. Cut shapes of flowers, such as tulips and daisies out of decorative paper. Glue a photograph of the graduate in the center. Glue a dowel rod to the flowers and place in a flower pot with green floral foam.
  4. Use the school mascot. For young graduates, use the school's mascot to create a nice youthful centerpiece. Small toy lions or bobcats, whatever the school's mascot is, can be sent home with guests as party favors.
  5. Provide fill-in-the-blank inspirational sayings. Find a few inspirational and motivational sayings that fit the graduate's next step in life to get the creative juices going. Set out the sayings on each table with paper and pens for guests to create their own sayings and words of congratulations for the graduate.
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