5 Great Drinking Games

The 5 best great drinking games involve only the communal activity of drinking together, lots of alcohol and a whole lot of people with nothing better to do with the enormous amount of free time they have on their hands. In other words, that is the exact recipe for fun and nothing but fun.

  1. Buffalo. The best great drinking game is Buffalo, a game popular in Iceland. All you and your friends have to abide by is the rule to drink your alcohol with your left hands. If anyone should slip up and drink with their right hand, everyone must begin screaming, "Buffalo!" Everyone also needs to bang the drinking table with their hands in the same rhythm. In order to stop this hellish cacophony, the person caught drinking with the wrong hand has to chug his drink down quickly!
  2. Beer Blow. If you can ignore the salacious-sounding near-euphemism that forms the name of this great drinking game, you will have a lot of wasted fun. All you and your buddies need is a deck of cards, an empty bottle and alcohol. Put the cards on the empty bottle and try to blow the cards off in turn. The person in your group who blows the last card off the bottle is subjected to downing a whole bottle of beer! See how quickly you'll get wasted in this game? 
  3. Kings. Kings is the third-best great drinking game because it is ideal for a bar setting. Just use a deck of cards and play with some friends. Deal the deck of cards and when the first person gets a king, he gets to choose the liquor. Deal the cards again and the next person to get a king chooses the mixer. Finally, deal the deck again and the third person to get a king pays for it. The last person in your group to get dealt a king finally drinks it. Bottoms up!
  4. Super Quarters. Super Quarters involves you and a few friends sitting around small cups filled partway with beer. One huge cup should be placed in the middle of the table, filled with the most liquor. Using quarters, you and your homies should take turns seeing if you can bounce quarters into each other's small cups. If anyone misses, he is penalized with finishing the alcohol in his small cup. If he succeeds, the person to whom the cup belongs that had the quarter land inside has to finish his drink. If by some stroke of fate, the bounced quarter ends up in the huge cup filled with liquor, all must drink from their cups. The last person to finish theirs gets punished by drinking the huge cup.
  5. Star Trek. Quite straightforward, this great drinking game simply entails episodes of the old "Star Trek" TV series and lots of alcoholic supplies! Basically, this game is ultra-simple, yet it also has a high chance of getting people wasted because the criteria for drinking is so vast. Each time any of the main characters does something significant—for instance, Kirk getting his shirt ripped or saying, "Phasers on stun!"—you either sip conservatively or all-out chug your drink.
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