5 Great Erotic Gifts

Romance and seduction are key parts of adult relationships and having a selection of 5 great erotic gifts and ideas at your disposal can save time and disappointment if you need a sexy, sensual gift idea last minute. Combing a mixture of the erotic and the flirtatious, sensual and sexual makes for a wonderful combination; great erotic gifts are a combination of these things. Many require little or no financial investment, which can often be impressive to a more frugal partner.

  1. Massage Whether this means performing the massage on the spot or the creation of a coupon for a massage at the recipient’s later request, give the great erotic gift of a lengthy, relaxing massage. The addition of massage oils, candlelight and soft music can make this erotic gift even more enjoyable for both of you.
  2. Food Take the time to prepare your partner’s favorite meal or dessert or purchase it ahead of time from a talented professional. Food can be a great erotic gift, especially when finger foods are chosen. Strawberries, melted chocolate and champagne are great foundation to an erotic, sensual evening.
  3. Clothing Whether the item is sexy leather, flirty lace or sensual suede, an intimate garment for either gender can be both erotic and generous. Keeping in mind the style of your partner, what will be comfortable for her to wear and what you would enjoy seeing her in, consider purchasing a special piece of clothing for the two of you to share.
  4. Toys The vast assortment of adult toys makes them a go-to when looking for great erotic gifts. Keeping in mind what you and your partner enjoy, consider purchasing something for you to enjoy together. Playful adult toys, such as “dirty dice” and naughty lottery tickets, can easily substitute the more serious—and expensive—purchases.
  5. Books or Movies While many women prefer a naughty novel to an adult film, both genders can have very personal opinions on what type of erotic content they enjoy. Both movies and books come in many genres, combining the themes with naughty content, making them fun and playful erotic gifts.
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