5 Great Ways To Flirt

If you are recently single or just want to brush up on your flirting skills, then follow these 5 great ways to flirt. Flirting doesn't come naturally to every guy, but every guy can learn great ways to flirt. Once you learn the great ways to flirt, you will want to flirt all the time. If you stay calm and follow these directions, you will be surprised at how easy and fun flirting can be.

  1. Be funny. Since women love funny guys, being funny is one of the great ways to flirt. However, when you are being funny, you can't be gross or obnoxious. This means you can't make jokes about women or tell them dirty jokes and expect them to think that you are funny. Telling a joke about yourself is one of the easiest ways to flirt with a woman and make her think that you are funny.
  2. Listen to her. One of the things most guys don't know about women is that most women find it extremely sexy when a guy listens to them. If you take the time to listen to a women, even if you are not that interested in the topic that she is talking about, the woman is sure to see that you are flirting with her. When you are listening to what she is saying, you need to put everything else out of your mind and only pay attention to what she is saying.
  3. Stare at her. This can be hard to do correctly, so you need to practice it with a friend, before you actually try it on the woman that you are trying to flirt with. It is best to practice staring at a women on a friend that is a female. Your female friend will be able to tell you if your staring looks sexy or if it makes you look like a dork. You can also practice this in front of a mirror, so you can see how you are going to look when you are staring at woman.
  4. Start a simple conversation with her. Having a simple conversation is a great way to flirt with a woman. Many women just love to talk, so you can talk just about anything. However, to really turn a woman on when you are tying to flirt with her, start a conversation with her about herself.
  5. Go out of your way to do nice things for her. Women love to feel appreciated, so going out of your way to do nice things for her is a super easy, but a great way to flirt with her. Simple things like making her cupcakes or opening the door for her will let her know that you really think she is special. Once a woman feels special, she is sure to start flirting back with you.
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