5 Halibut Fishing Tips

Prior to going on a Halibut fishing trip, you'll want to learn 5 halibut fishing tips to help you succeed. Using halibut fishing tips while out on a fishing excursion will promote the chances of a successful fishing trip. Fishing tips to help you succeed include fishing during the correct time, using the best bait and using the proper equipment. Other fishing tips for halibut include using the proper hooking techniques and rigging the line correctly.

  1. It’s important to fish during the correct times. The best time for halibut fishing is usually during incoming tides. If not at incoming tides, than just after high tide is the second best time. Many people believe fishing before a full moon will ensure success with catching halibut.
  2. Use the best bait. There are four types of bait that are generally considered the best for catching halibut. These include using live squid, anchovies, sardines and queen fish. When baiting the hook, make sure the hook is punctured through the eyes or mouth.
  3. The correct equipment is important. You want to use a well-balanced rod and reel. The line should have a maximum of fifteen pounds. Choose a light colored line because halibut are visually sensitive to the line.
  4. Use the proper hooking techniques. When choosing a hook for the halibut, make sure it is very sharp. This is important because halibut has a bony mouth. Let the hook do what it is intended to do and keep as little resistance as possible.
  5. It’s important to use the proper rigging methods. You will want to use an egg sinker. Set the sinker about eighteen to 24 inches above the leader. Use sinkers that are 1/8 to two ounces in size.

While it may take some practice catching Halibut, these tips will increase the likeliness of your fishing trip turning out well.


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