5 Halloween Costume Ideas For Best Friends

If you want to coordinate a costume with your friend on Halloween, these 5 Halloween costume ideas for best friends will ensure that you stand out. The following suggestions are more unique than many traditional Halloween costumes because let’s admit it: the whole dressing up like bacon and eggs thing is getting pretty boring. These costume ideas will give you and your friend a little more style and personality.

  1. Starsky and Hutch: Dress up as the iconic ‘70s crime-fighting duo, and you have great Halloween costume idea for two best friends. Visit your local thrift store and pick up some bell bottoms and patterned button-up shirts. Make sure to leave the top three buttons undone, and finish off the outfit with a leather jacket. You get extra points if you and your best friend are blond and brown-haired. If this isn’t a last minute decision, take the time to grow out some side-burns as well.
  2. The Hangover Men: This is a great group idea if you’re looking for Halloween costume ideas for a bunch of your best friends. You will need, however, a few people to match some of the character descriptions. If you have a Zack Galifianakis look alike, convince him to grow his beard out and stick a baby carrier on him (please fill it with a doll, though). Another friend can dress up as Ed Helms’ character, which is pretty simple; just black out one of his teeth, so it looks like it's missing. Have your suavest friend dress up as Bradley Cooper’s womanizing character, and you have a great Halloween costume idea for a group of friends.
  3. The Blues Brothers: This costume is fun and pretty easy to pull together if you want a cool Halloween costume idea for best friends on short notice. Simply dress up in a basic black suit with a black tie and white shirt. Don’t forget to add the black hats and sunglasses. And of course, make sure to keep it cool throughout the night.
  4. Vampires. Vampires are all the rage right now, especially among women, so if you and your best friend are both single, dressing up as vampires can be a smart chick magnet and a great Halloween costume idea for best friends. Modern day vampires are particularly popular, so you won’t have to worry about finding a suit and cape. Instead, just wear jeans and focus more on your make-up. You’ll need to make your face a pale, ghostly hue with Halloween makeup from your local costume shop. Buy some fangs and drip fake blood down your mouth and neck.
  5. Mario and Luigi: This is a pretty classic Halloween costume idea for best friends, but fun nonetheless. Any Halloween store should carry a set of Mario and Luigi costumes. Make sure to get a thick past-on mustache for you and your friend. If you have more friends in your group, you can also add characters like Yoshi and Princess Peach and then head to the party as Mario Bros. and Company.
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