5 Hank Moody Seduction Tips

If you’re single and want to attract women, these 5 Hank Moody seduction tips will increase your chances of scoring with the ladies. Even if you’re not a fan of the Showtime TV series, “Californication,” every man can take some advice from legendary womanizer and fictional novelist, Hank Moody, played by David Duchovny.

  1. Find your artistic side. Hank Moody is constantly getting girls because of his carefree, artistic lifestyle. Women love the fact that he is a talented novelist who often writes about sex and love. Even if you’re not a bona fide artist, tell your next date about your artistic hobbies or interests if you’re trying to seduce her and need a seduction tip. Women tend to lust after men who are writers, musicians and filmmakers like Hank Moody.
  2. Get a sidekick. Hank Moody always brings his friend Charlie with him to many of his adventures with women. He often does not need to boast about his novels or fame (which can seem vain) because Charlie can tell women for him. This is a smart seduction tip that men can learn from since Hank can gain a wingman and better chances at scoring with the women.
  3. Have a sense of humor. Hank Moody often wins women over (or at least gets them to bed) by joking around in a playful manner. Most of his jokes have sexual undertones that immediately reveal his interest in the woman. Hank walks a thin line with his humor; he can quickly turn a conversation onto the topic of sex and lust, but he never gets too raunchy or chauvinistic with his jokes. Instead, his playful sexual banter works like a charm and is a seduction tip that most men should follow.
  4. Work out, but keep drinking. Although he drinks like a fish, Hank Moody has to be hitting the gym hard to get his often-flaunted abs, which are usually the tipping point for getting women into bed. Waking up in boxers with a cigarette and beer first thing in the morning is hard to pull off, but Hank does it well. Another part of Hank’s seduction success comes from his complete disregard of societal norms and expectations. Women love his bad boy, carefree attitude, making this an important Hank Moody seduction tip. However, you can’t pull off the look with a beer belly and flabby arms, so make sure to work out.
  5. Tell her that she’s hot. Hank Moody has enough confidence to be blunt about what he thinks about women. He tells Karen that he’s in love with her and never lies about his feelings for her. Hank also literally swept the uptight Felicia off her feet in season three. Hank never plays coy with women, but always remains direct with the lovers he wants.
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