5 Healthy Easy Ideas For Romantic Fall Picnic

Need five healthy, easy ideas for a romantic fall picnic? Enjoy a romantic fall picnic with someone you like and admire. Choose healthy foods that are not only easy to make but easy to pack in a basket as well. Be sure to choose a location that you both will admire and enjoy.

  1. Throw a few shrimp skewers on the grill. Prepare ahead of time and slide several large peeled shrimp, green peppers and onion slices onto the skewers. Be sure to coat the shrimp with a splash of light olive oil and a sprinkle of lemon pepper for an extra zing. Pick up a ready-made salad from the deli, throw in a few light beer choices and you are ready to go. Choose a secluded location on the beach for this romantic picnic with someone special.
  2. Slice up some cheese and pepperoni and layer on top of wheat crackers. Add a bottle of wine to the basket, a few wedges of apple and you are set. Enjoy a romantic picnic in the backyard. Be sure to lay down a comfortable blanket on the grass. Do not forget the rake, especially if you have leaves falling in the backyard. Before settling down to enjoy a nice picnic lunch, rake up all of the leaves. Go ahead, you know you want to do it – get a running start before diving in to the pile of leaves.
  3. Visit the local deli and purchase a pasta salad for two. Be sure it includes lots of good tasting cucumbers and tomatoes. Top it off with a splash of Italian dressing. How romantic is a picnic under the starry sky? Girls love this sort of thing. Gather one of your large NFL blankets, throw it in the back of the pickup truck and head some place nice and secluded. Do not forget an extra pillow or two.
  4. Throw some low calorie popcorn in a bowl, and gather a few bottles of water or drink of choice. Chill out and watch a movie. Who says you cannot picnic in your very own living room? Be sure to let the girl choose the movie. Consider suggesting a romantic comedy, which is a good choice for a date. Get your girl in a nice romantic mood, however enjoy a few laughs at the same time.
  5. Nibble on a few healthy chicken salad sandwiches near the lake. Add some baked tortilla chips and garden salsa to the basket. How about making a batch of Jell-O and keeping it sealed tight in a Tupperware container? Imagine your date feeding you hunks of that sweet dessert after a fun day near the water. Bring a kite or a Frisbee and get some exercise on a lazy Saturday afternoon.


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