5 Healthy Meals for College Students

Believe it or not, it can be easy to create 5 healthy meals for college students.  Luckily, with some strategic planning, you won’t have to succumb to daily Ramen noodles while struggling with the freshman 15.  Planning your meals for the week will help you maintain your budget, take the pressure off figuring out what you’ll eat next, and keep you healthy.  Here are five suggestions for healthy meals for college students:

  1. Sauteed vegetables and rice – Pick up some of your favorite veggies at the grocery store. Try green beans, onions, mushrooms, or carrots.  Just about anything will work, though. Slice ‘em or dice ‘em and throw them in a pan with a little oil and spices. (You can’t go wrong with lemon pepper or garlic salt.) Heat them up until the green veggies are bright green and tender. Serve over rice with a little soy sauce. Vegetables are cheap and buying rice in bulk is a great investment for broke college students.
  2. Omelets – Breakfast for dinner is always a treat, so try your hand at omelets.  Crack a few eggs into a bowl and scramble the yolks with a fork. Transfer the eggs to a hot skillet with melted margarine.  Let the eggs cook for 3-4 minutes and throw in your favorite toppings (cheese, ham, onions, salsa, etc). Fold the omelet over and make sure it’s cooked through. So easy – even a drunken college student can do it.
  3. Chicken salad sandwiches – Chicken salad is not difficult to make. If you use reduced fat mayonnaise and whole grain bread, you’ll still make this a healthy meal.  Mix a can of shredded, cooked chicken with a couple spoonfuls of mayo, a spoonful of pickle relish, and some chopped celery. If you’re a fan of Dijon mustard, stir that in, too. Spread it on some bread. You can put some cheese on it and warm it in the oven, too.
  4. Spaghetti and meat sauce – Could it be any easier? If you like meaty sauce, substitute ground turkey for ground beef. You’ll barely notice a difference in taste. Also, try whole-wheat pasta for some extra nutrients. 
  5. Bake stuff – It sounds weird to put it that way, but baking chicken, fish, and pork is a healthy way to cook it.  Slather some Italian salad dressing on it to flavor it.  Pair that with a package of microwave-steamed frozen veggies and you have an impressive dinner you can use to impress your girlfriend or parents.
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