5 Healthy Mexican Food Options

Looking for 5 healthy Mexican food options to make at home or enjoy while you’re out to dinner? Contrary to popular belief, not all Mexican food will make you pack on the pounds, and lighter Mexican fare is just as delicious as its more indulgent counterpart. So, just say no to heavy cheese and rice dishes, and check out the five healthy Mexican food options below so you can make smarter choices next time you eat Mexican food.  

  1. Offending appetizers. It may look mouthwatering and tempting, but that overflowing basket of chips is not your friend. Nor is the greasy cheese crisp you are dying to order. Instead of choosing high-fat items for your appetizer, go for healthy Mexican food options by asking your server to bring you a corn tortilla (not fried) and a small side of guacamole or salsa. Corn tortillas are much lower in fat and calories, and guacamole is a tasty way to get some healthy fat (just don’t slather it on the tortilla like you’re buttering toast). Salsa is always low in calories, but big on taste. You can dip away guilt-free.
  2. Veggie delicious. All puns aside, healthy Mexican food options include a veggie burrito – but be prepared to make a few modifications. First of all, ask that your veggie burrito come sans sour cream and rice. If it comes with beans, nix the refried option and ask for black beans instead. Finally, choose either no cheese or light cheese to ensure your veggie burrito stays veggie healthy, but feel free to go crazy with salsa-it’s very low in calories and packed with lycopene.
  3. Stay fit with fajitas. Healthy Mexican food options can’t get much better than fajitas! Choose veggie fajitas to make your meal even lighter, but shrimp or chicken fajitas are still a great option, too. Ask your server to bring you only two tortillas so you don’t go into a carb-induced coma, and if you’re still hungry after that, eat the rest of the veggies and/or meat left in your skillet. Since you’re having tortillas, don’t get rice. And remember, ask for light or no cheese, and no sour cream.
  4. Fish are friends. . . and food. Instead of beef tacos covered in cheese and sour cream, go the lighter route and order fish or shrimp tacos. Fish or shrimp tacos are delicious healthy Mexican food options that taste fresh and will ensure you’re eating light. Top them with a spicy salsa for extra guilt-free flavor.
  5. Burrito in a bowl? Say goodbye to carb-overload and hello to healthy Mexican food options that don’t involve tons of fat and needless calories. Nix the tortilla, and have the contents of your burrito in a bowl instead. Remember, it’s minor modifications that can make a huge difference in calorie content, so order black beans instead of refried, skip the sour cream and other calorie-laden sauces, and ask for light or no cheese. Have a heavy hand with flavorful toppings like a variety of different salsas, lettuce, jalapenos, peppers and a little bit of guacamole, and choosing healthy Mexican food options will become like second nature to you in no time at all!
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