5 Healthy Recipes For Toddlers

Learning about healthy recipes for toddlers is important to every good parent. The best healthy recipes for toddlers are those that cover every aspect of nutrition. The four basic food groups should be cleverly kept into consideration while preparing food for toddlers.

Some of the very best healthy recipes for toddlers are as follows:

  1. Fruity Delight. Take small portions of seasonal fruits. Prefer soft and pulpy fruit, as those are easily digestible for toddlers. Cut them is small chunks and fold in yogurt. Put the salad in a colorful clear plastic glass or bowl.
  2. Filled Apples.This is a very tempting and healthy recipe for toddlers. Foods required for this recipe are: apples, raisins, olive oil, and granola bar. Core the apple without peeling. Microwave for a few minutes so it becomes supple. Fill the core with resins and crushed granola bar. Drizzle with oil at the end.
  3. Filled Celery. Be innovative with healthy recipes for toddlers. This recipe for toddlers is very simple and does not require cooking so is highly recommended for fathers. Ingredients used are: celery sticks, peanut butter, and cream cheese. A celery stick is washed properly with cold water. The crevice is filled with a paste of peanut butter and cream cheese. This is an old favorite of toddlers and best liked when served with apple dices.
  4. Healthy Substitute to Readymade Jell-O. Ingredients used are: jelly powder, fresh fruit (finely chopped), and fresh fruit juice. Take some fresh fruit juice. Use any flavor according to the toddler’s choice. Mix jelly powder and sugar separately in a bowl. Mix together, fruit juice, jelly powder and sugar solution and finely diced fruit. Leave in a bowl to set in a refrigerator.
  5. Fruit Smoothie. Ingredients required for this recipe are: apples, bananas, guavas, peaches, and yogurt. Peel and de-seed the fruit. Cut in small dices to make blending easier. Put in a food processor together and blend till it becomes homogenous. Serve in a glass and garnish with whipped cream. This is a very healthy recipe for toddlers and is also easy to feed and digest.



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