5 Healthy Sex Positions

These 5 healthy sex positions refers to various ways couples physically position themselves for sexual intercourse that may have added health benefits. The healthiest sex position is the position which is most satisfying for you. Here are five healthy sex positions to try out.

  1. Missionary position. This is the most commonly accepted healthy sex position. It is believed by some to be the only healthy sex position. The missionary position simply means the man is on top.
  2. Woman on top. This means the woman is on top in one of many different healthy sex positions. She may lower herself onto the erect penis, either bending her knees or straightening her legs-or even turning around toward her partner’s feet.
  3. Doggy style. In this position, the woman gets on her hands and knees while the man enters her from behind. This is not the same as anal intercourse, where the man enters her rectum, but it is a type of healthy sex position.
  4. Deeper missionary. While in the missionary position, the man takes the woman’s legs and lifts them into the air so they are vertical. This provides a deeper, and more satisfying, penetration with a healthy sex position.
  5. Sideways certainty. The man and woman lie on their sides facing each other then begin to have intercourse while in this healthy sex position. Use long, powerful strokes to ensure a deep penetration.

Could sex possibly have health benefits? If you try one of these five healthy sex positions, you might achieve a more satisfying sexual experience, which in turn provides the desired health benefits.



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