5 Heart Rate Monitors Without Chest Strap

Chest straps can be uncomfortable and cumbersome, but these 5 heart rate monitors without a chest strap can give you all of the info and none of the discomfort.. You can get an approximate heart rate reading without having to deal with chaffing. 

  1. Polar RS 100. In addition to being strap-free, this Heart rate monitor allows you to be hands-free. The RS100 heart rate monitor continuously displays your settings. You can set your goal heart rate to aerobic zones depending on how hard you want to train. This heart rate monitor shows you how many calories and the percentage of fat you've burned. The display settings are easy to see with the big screen.
  2. Polar RS 3000. This heart monitor also acts as a personal trainer. In addition to measuring heart rate it the option to measure speed and distance. You can also  transfer training data to polarpersonaltrainer.com with FlowLink.
  3.  Cardiosport Ultima PC. This Heart Rate Monitor features ECG accurate heart rate. The interval timer is heart rate or time based and heart rate is shown as % of max. This heart rate monitor will calculate your average heart rate and pace. It will also give you a countdown timer and a hi/low target zone. It comes with a PC interface.
  4. Bowflex Basic Strapless. This no strap heart rate monitor is exactly what its name suggests. It is basic. This heart rate monitor displays the time and your heartrate. The heart rate is non-continuous, so you will have to switch between settings if you are timing a work-out and calculating your heart rate. 
  5. Garmin Forerunner 405. If you want to spend a little bit more money, this is the best heart rate monitor without a chest strap. The Forerunner displays your continuous heart rate and your pace and calories burned in an LCD screen. This watch has everything that you could ever need during a workout. You can set your goal by heart rate or by pace and the Garmin will keep you on track by altering you when you are off (either by vibrating or with an alarm). You can also download your workout summary to your computer.
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