5 Herbal Remedies For Gout

Wondering about 5 herbal remedies for gout? Gout is a fairly common arthritic condition caused by a build-up of uric acid in the body. The uric acid crystallizes and becomes a painful, inflamed, swollen joint problem. Although it usually effects the big toe, gout can also strike other joints such as the ankle, knee or wrist. Herbal remedies for gout attempt to rid the body of the excess uric acid while also relieving the arthritis and pain.

  1. Supplements with celery seed extract. Celery is a great herbal remedy for gout as it acts as a diuretic, removing waste from the body. It also possesses anti-inflammatory properties.
  2. Alfalfa tablets. This herb is incredibly rich in nutrients which will facilitate the healing process. Alfalfa also contains compounds which will reduce uric acid levels in the body.
  3. Drink an herbal infusion of yarrow and wild carrot. These two plants are ideal herbal gout remedies because they have a strong cleansing effect on the body. This will help relieve the swelling and eliminate uric acid build-up. Steep two teaspoons of the dried herbs in one cup of boiling water for ten minutes. Drink one to three cups a day.
  4. For pain, use thuja. This herb is beneficial for arthritic pain and inflammation. It also acts as a diuretic. Add the dried herb to your yarrow and wild carrot tea or take a dropper full of a thuja tincture. All of these herbal remedies for gout are safe for general use except for thuja, which should not be taken by pregnant women.
  5. Try a cayenne and wintergreen topical treatment. To relieve the pain and inflammation of gout, mix cayenne powder and wintergreen oil into a paste and apply to the affected joint. This herbal remedy may stimulate sensation and sting, but it will bring great pain relief.

Use these 5 herbal remedies for gout to treat this condition, but keep in mind a healthy diet is also important for healing.


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