5 Herbal Remedies For Hives

Although Western medicine can treat hives, we can save time and money by looking for 5 herbal remedies for hives via using our favorite search engines before heading to a dermatologist’s office. We can develop this condition due to emotional stress or allergic reactions to pet hair, food within our diet and medications (Sulfa drugs, for example, may cause hives and skin irritation). If your skin itches badly and looks like dots on a roadmap, that’s probably something requiring more than what herbal remedies can provide.

  1. If the sufferer has continuous fits of itching, oatmeal soap can spell relief. Oatmeal soap is one of the natural herbal remedies for hives available at most grocery stores, health food stores and drugstores. Since hives can be triggered by extremely hot or cold temperatures, soaking in cool or lukewarm water would be best for the skin. Applying oatmeal lotion is another option for the sufferer when pressed for time.
  2. Another suitable herbal remedy is to add cornstarch and baking soda (1/2 cup of each) to the bath, which will help relieve itching. These are usually readily available in the kitchen cabinet or pantry (unless you prepare homemade pancakes every week). It’s important to bathe the affected area at least once daily (more if desired) to get the most from treatment.
  3. Aloe vera gel is an herbal remedy that can be gently massaged onto the affected area of the skin to help reduce the itching or burning associated with hives. This isn’t taken orally (unlike aloe vera juice). It tends to work better after the skin has been washed.
  4. Since histamines can affect the circulatory system, it can cause the skin to swell, which often produces hives. Cayenne pepper capsules can help hives disappear faster than other regimens since it improves circulation. This remedy works for many of us, but if we suffer from heartburn or have an ulcer, it’s best to explore other herbal remedies instead.
  5. Although catnip seems to make felines more playful, it’s an herbal treatment for hives, which can help calm the nervous system when we have no known allergic cause for hives. Catnip tea is recommended as a bedtime calmative, but if we want less exotic options, it’s also available as a vitamin supplement or a liquid. Pregnant women shouldn’t use catnip for hives since it can initiate the menstrual cycle.            
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