5 Hibiscus Tea Benefits

Need to know five hibiscus tea benefits? Hibiscus tea, or roselle tea has a tart or sour taste and can be served hot or cold. To serve as a hibiscus tea hot, steep two tablespoons for ten to fifteen minutes, strain. To serve as a cold tea soak flowers for two days, strain. Different plants can be combined with hibiscus for tea with a different taste or more hibiscus tea benefits.

  1. Hibiscus tea, consumed daily is shown to lower high blood pressure or hypertension. The minerals and nutrients in hibiscus teas has a diuretic property which can dilate blood vessels, and help reduce hypertension.
  2. Drinking a cup or glass of hibiscus tea daily can educe high cholesterol. In addition to benefiting you in this way, drinking hibiscus tea will in turn reduce the risk of heart disease. Just drink a glass daily.
  3. Hibiscus tea is loaded with vitamin C and other minerals. Vitamin C has been shown to protect against immune system deficiencies, eye disease, skin wrinkling and cardiovascular disease.
  4. A primary benefit of hibiscus tea is that it is caffeine free.  Drink all day for health and thirst without worrying about getting caffeine jitters.
  5. Weight loss is another great hibiscus tea benefit.  Drink a glass after each meal to reduce absorption of dietary carbohydrates.
  6. Hibiscus tea is a natural astringent. You can also use hibiscus to treat allergic eczemas.
  7. Add hibiscus to shampoo to give dry hair a shinier appearance.  don't worry, hibiscus tea can also be added to regular and dandruff shampoo.



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