5 Hidden Secrets In Disney Movies

Disney movies are extremely popular among children, but even more popular among adults who speculate on its hidden secrets, which is why this article is going to point out 5 hidden secrets in Disney movies. In addition to the many hidden Mickey Mouse heads strategically placed in every film, there are many more secrets to find. Most of them are kid friendly, so feel free to point out these “Easter eggs” the next time a child is watching one.


  1. “Aladdin” This film is full of hidden secrets. The Genie turns into many Disney characters, such as Jiminy Cricket and Pluto, and he even sports a Goofy hat.
  2. “Finding Nemo”  When Gil is presenting his master plan to escape to his fellow tank mates, there is a first-person imagery of the bags rolling from the bushes, crossing the street, and falling into the ocean. One of the cars passing by on the street is the yellow pizza delivery truck from “Toy Story.” This hidden secret can also be found in other Disney/Pixar movies such as “Monsters Inc.” and “Wall-E.”
  3. “The Little Mermaid” To clear up the rumors of sexually explicit imagery in this popular Disney movie, you will have to see these things for yourself. In the scene where Prince Eric is about to marry a disguised Ursula, the minister starts the ceremony. If you look closely, he has what appears to be an erection bulging out of his pants. As a side note, on the old VHS movie cover to the Little Mermaid, there is what appears to be a phallic-shaped addition to the mermaid’s castle in the background. Searching for is is sort of like trying to find Waldo.
  4. “Tarzan” When the gorillas enter Jane’s campsite, there is a table with a tea set placed on it. The tea set is Mrs. Pots and Chip from “Beauty and the Beast.” This tea set also appears in “A Goofy Movie.”
  5. “Hercules.” Hercules is posing for a vase painter wearing a headdress made from a lion. That lion carcass is Scar, from “The Lion King.” There is also a scene that refers to “The Karate Kid” movies, where Hercules, Phil, and Pegasus are balancing on wooden stumps.
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