5 High Paying Dangerous Jobs

These 5 high paying dangerous jobs are, quite frankly, those dirty jobs that hardly anyone wants. All of these jobs have a pretty high amount of compensation; that is the lure that draws people to them. Though the pay is relatively good for these jobs, just know that they are physically and psychologically exerting as well as being potentially lethal to your health and well being.

  1. Private Security Contractor in Iraq. The best high paying dangerous job is a security contractor in Iraq, just because it fits the old adage "Pay a man enough, and he'll walk barefoot into hell" very nicely. Private security contractors can get paid up to $10,000 per month in Iraq for protecting diplomats and other important figures, which is up to ten times what the average pay is for a regular Army private. In all, you can get paid up to $120,000 for your life-threatening work.
  2. Crop Duster Pilot. The second-best high paying dangerous job is a crop duster pilot. You face a lot of life-endangering hazards while you fly in your plane due to the low altitude at which you fly. This immediately subjects you to hazards like flying into power lines and being exposed to poisonous chemicals that you spray over crops. The average pay at this job is almost $54,000.
  3. Roughneck. A roughneck is a worker on a drilling rig who is subjected to really hard and filthy grunt work in a very noisy environment that is also quite hazardous. Some of your undesirable job duties include switching around hot drill bits as well as changing sections of pipe. However, for your troubles, you can be compensated up to nearly $47,000.
  4. Toll Collector. While many people would dismiss a toll collector as a high paying or dangerous job, it well is! You get to make around $45,000 for just sitting inside a toll booth, but this barely discloses what hazards you have to face. You are at ever-present risk for getting into a hold-up, and the awful weather you are exposed to through your open toll window is also no picnic. Throw in the bad health you may suffer from the exhaust you breathe all day, and this job doesn't appear that easy all of a sudden!
  5. Crab Fisherman. With an average pay of just under $30,000, a crab fisherman job isn't all that high paying, but it still makes this list of high paying dangerous jobs. However, experienced deckhands can make up to $60,000, but this also depends on the size of your haul. Some risks include colder-than-cold winds and beating waves.
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