5 High Paying Jobs For College Students

Here are 5 high paying jobs for college students that require little to no experience. You don’t have to make minimum wage just because you’re in school. There are lots of opportunities for you to make some real money while earning your degree. Plus the best part about working while you’re in school is that you might make great connections to use after you graduate.

  1. Bank tellers earn pretty decent money. If your degree relates to business, finance, or accounting this is a great place to get a part-time job. Bank tellers need to be good with money and have a clean background, but don’t require any experience. This position will look great on a resume if you’re hoping to find a job after college in the banking industry too. Bank tellers earn about eleven dollars an hour and often have a small benefits package.
  2. Hotel desk attendant jobs are a great choice for college students. The hours are usually flexible and hotels are open all night so work won’t interfere with your class schedule. This job pays about ten dollars an hour and up. The best way to get a job as a desk attendant is to apply to a major chain and submit your resume to multiple positions. It’s a pretty laid back job too, so you might even be able to get some studying done at work.
  3. Fitness instructors are pretty well-paid. If you really enjoy working out and want an active job, try teaching a fitness class. Fitness instructors make great money, but only work limited hours. If you are good, you might even acquire some students that you can personally train. This could even lead to a great business opportunity after graduation. 
  4. Bar staffers earn great money in tips. Even if you’re not a bartender cocktail servers get great tips. This job won’t interfere with a class schedule and pays really well. Lots of bars hire students too and understand that this job is not your top priority. It’s definitely worth looking into if you love the bar scene.
  5. Restaurant servers make a killing. If you can land a job at an expensive restaurant you will do pretty well for yourself. It’s definitely not an easy job, but some servers earn over a hundred dollars in a single shift. That’s just in tips too. You do have to have a good attitude and be on top of your tables, but most servers earn pretty good money. The best part is that this job has really flexible hours too.
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