5 High School Graduation Party Ideas

These 5 graduation party ideas will ensure that you enter the real world with a bang. A high school graduation party is the perfect way to celebrate the accomplishments of students and send them off into adulthood with a bang. It is the time to forget school and party the night away with good friends. Graduation is one of the most important moments in life and the party should be nothing less than spectacular.

  1. Rent out a bowling alley. Most teenagers love bowling. It is a safe place where they can enjoy music, food, and fun. Hire a photographer or a designated student to take pictures of the graduation party to make the night memorable. Give everyone light up necklaces or bring blacklights to make the environment more exciting.
  2. Host a backyard barbecue. Find a house that has a yard big enough for all of the guests and ask to use the yard for a barbecue. A yard with a pool would be an entertaining option. Barbecues are relatively cheap and fun, especially if you ask each guest to bring a covered dish and a drink to share. Decorate the yard with lit tiki torches and balloons and streamers with the school's colors. Make it even more exciting by hiring a disc jockey to play popular music.
  3. Have a dance. Dancing the night away with friends at a club is often something that high schoolers look forward to when they graduate. However, the club scene isn't always safe, and not everyone who attends the party will be of age. Rent out a local recreation center or gym for the dance instead of the club scene. Decorate the hall like a night club to create an exciting atmosphere. Encourage dressy casual attire rather than the formal attire students usually wear to dances. Offer fruity drinks with little umbrellas and tasty finger foods. Choose a theme for the dance such as a Hawaiian luau to add to the excitement of the graduation party.
  4. Have a karaoke night. Rent out the school gymnasium or some other local place big enough for a lot of students. Hire a karaoke disc jockey and let the fun begin! Set up tables to create the feel of a restaurant and leave a small section clear for dancing. Have the event catered or make it pot luck. Make the graduation party even more fun by turning the karaoke night into a contest like American Idol. Give small prizes to everyone who has the guts to get up and sing.
  5. Take a trip to a local amusement park. Amusement parks have something for everyone to enjoy and having the party there will be an experience to remember. Best of all, it is big enough that the entire graduating class can attend. You may be able to rent out the entire amusement park for the day depending on your budget. This may require a road trip, so hire some buses to transport everyone or let people drive separately and meet outside the park. Have everyone wear the same colored shirt in order to stick together. Fill up on hot dogs and way too much cotton candy then ride the roller coasters into the night.
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