5 High School Reunion Table Decorations Ideas

What are 5 high school reunion table decoration ideas suitable for your graduating class' big gathering?  The planning and coordination of a high school reunion can be a daunting task. Simply tracking down old classmates and securing an acceptable party venue becomes quite time consuming alone without even considering other party planning tasks such organizing the catering, entertainment and activities.  If you are still in search of decorating ideas, there are five table centerpieces that reunion guests will enjoy without requiring hours of your precious party planning time.

  1. Photo collages serve double duty.  It is fun, or sometimes funny, to take a trip back in time through old high school photographs.  Create fun collages from old high school yearbooks, school newspapers or by requesting the donation of personal snapshots for the event.  If necessary, yearbooks and photos can be scanned onto a computer and digitally processed rather than risking loss or damage to the originals.  Attach the photos on cardboard cutouts or even display in an array of inexpensive picture frames to create not only unique reunion centerpieces—but conversation pieces as well.
  2. Bring out the school colors in balloons.  Simply tie up Mylar balloons in coordinated school colors and weight them down with similarly colored cellophane bags of hard candies.  If you plan enough balloon centerpieces, each guest can take one home as a party favor as well—making this a great budget conscious centerpiece.
  3. Use the school mascot.  Find a variety of mascot likenesses and group them into centerpieces for the various tables.  This may be an expensive or time consuming option depending your school’s mascot, but remember you may be able to ask the school for permission to use some of their many mascot artifacts for the event.  It may be fun to see how the beloved mascot changed through the years as well.
  4. Create activity centered table centerpieces.  This may be easier for smaller schools with more limited activities, but can be adapted easily for larger schools as well.  If you cannot create a table dedicated to each activity, pick ones with the largest class participation or teams or groups that were very successful during the reunion class’ senior year.  Collect memorabilia from members or use themed items to represent the various activities and interest of the classmates to create groupings on each reunion table.
  5. Revisit the senior prom theme.  What were the prom table centerpieces so long ago?  Try copying those—or updating them to modern times. It may be fun to even use a mixture of the past and present in the “tablescape” to update the original theme.

Using nostalgic centerpieces such as these often help get conversations started and help old friends reconnect at milestone high school reunions.

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