5 High Velocity Bowling Tips

These five high velocity bowling tips are based on the game of bowling and not the platform game of the same name. Bowling is a great leisure or recreational sport that most anyone can participate in. Throwing a bowling ball with velocity takes a bit of common sense and care. This article will provide you with five tips to employ when attacking the alley with a high velocity bowling ball.

  1. Choose a lighter ball. To throw a bowling ball with increased velocity, requires more power behind the throw. Using a lighter bowling ball should enable you to bowl the ball down the lane faster. The average weight of a bowling ball for an adult male is sixteen pounds. A one pound drop won’t make a huge difference but if you were to drop to a twelve of fourteen pound bowling ball and difference will become obvious.
  2. More backswing. Increase your backswing to place the bowling ball as high up behind you as possible. Be cautious here and pay close attention to the swing of the arm. You want the arm cranked back with the palm facing downward. Also, remember to keep the body upright and the back straight. This delivery is fast and intense and injury can occur if not careful.
  3. Slight inward twist of the body. As the delivery is on its way down roll your body inward slightly. The purpose of this is to keep your body out of the way of the down swing and to add a little oomph top your delivery. Remember to keep the movement slight. You want to maintain a straight delivery and not move the arm inward as your body turns.
  4. Add steps to the approach. This key factor will allow you to gain additional speed upon approach. If you are the normal four step delivery then add two steps to the approach. Fiver step delivery adds one step. Be sure to mark off your steps before attempting to ensure you do not go over the foul line. Long powerful strides are idea for throwing a bowling ball with velocity.
  5. Maintain body control. The last key tip for throwing a bowling ball with velocity is not to loose control. Always maintain balance and optimal control upon approach and release. Be sure to follow through and to maintain your position on the alleyway. Roll all these together with control and body management and you will see an increase in velocity of your bowling ball.
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