5 Hip Hop Songs About Having 2 Lovers

These 5 hip-hop songs about having two lovers range from the perspectives of a guy finding out that his girlfriend is cheating to a girl finding out her man has another lover. A couple of the songs about having two lovers have both male and female hip-hop artists singing, which helps get perspective from both sides. Covering a wide range of scenarios about cheating, these five hip-hop songs about having two lovers is a diverse list and are great to listen to if you have been cheated on and want some lyrics to express how you are feeling.

  1. "Crowded" by Jeannie Ortega featuring Papoose "Crowded" is a hip-hop song done in the form of one lover talking to her man about how she found out he has two lovers. She starts off angry about how she doesn't want to be his other lover and how she has been cheated on. During Papoose's parts, he raps from the perspective of the man with two lovers. The man does not understand what the point of having a cake and not being able to eat it, too. Jeannie finishes the song with her hip-hop verse about how he needs to go back to his other lover.
  2. "Can't Let You Go" by Fabulous This hip-hop song about having two lovers is from the viewpoint of a married man who also has a girlfriend. His other lover (girlfriend) knows that he is married, but still see's him anyway. The man cannot tear himself away from his other lover and knows that it is wrong, but strongly wants to be with her. The lyrics talk about how bad it would be if the two lovers ran into each other and how his mistress is very tight-lipped about the situation, so he gets her gifts.
  3. "Split Decisions" by Supastition This underground hip-hop song about having two lovers is off Supastition's "Chain Letters" album. In this hip-hop song, Supastition raps about how he was comfortable in his relationship and how amazing they were together, but he took on another lover and wrecked everything by cheating. He raps about how even his friends did not approve of him having two lovers and how once his girlfriend found out, he got kicked out. He now regrets having two lovers and after begging, his girlfriend finally took him back. Past actions were not forgotten and his girlfriend is now always suspicious that he has taken on another lover.
  4. "I Swear" by N-Dubz This hip-hop song features a girl and a guy in a relationship and the guy finds out his girlfriend has another lover. He sings, "Yesterday morning coming home at 5:34, the final show was canceled. I'm back early from tour, soon as I open the door I see a pair of shoes on the floor. I know they aren't mine; I'm 100 percent sure." He cannot believe that she would cheat on him with another guy and the rest of the song expresses how once finding out about the other lover, he left her.
  5. "I Don't Ever Want To See You Again" by Uncle Sam This hip-hop song is about a man finding out his girlfriend has two lovers. The song starts with him getting a letter from his girlfriend's other lover. It turns out the other lover is a good friend of his and his girlfriend choosing his friend. The song goes into how he never saw this coming and how he gave her everything. In the end, it is something he struggles with because her other lover was his friend and if it had to be anyone, he would rather it be a stranger.

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