5 Hockey Stick Handling Tips

New hockey players should learn at least 5 hockey stick handling tips. Handling the stick is as important as any other aspect of the game, and can mean the difference between a Wayne Gretzky and a Wayne Gritzky. You should take at least some of these tips because they are the best way to get your stick handling down and hockey career up and running in the relatively shortest amount of time.

  1. Develop a rhythm and be consistent with your dribbling. About three quarters of any hockey game will be you dribbling the puck down the court and if you can’t maintain a decent rhythm, you will most likely get robbed or worse, just lose the puck. The best way to do this is to stand in place on the ice and hit the puck side to side. Try and find your comfortable rhythm to doing it and keep it with a foot and a foot and a half space to avoid it getting out of control.
  2. Make sure your holding the hockey stick right. Proper stick handling requires proper holding, and it is a deal breaker to incorrectly hold the hockey stick. Your dominant hand should be about halfway down the stick and your other hand should be closer to the top of the stick.
  3. Practice with a more experienced person. They will be able to give you personal hints from experience about stick handling and their own tricks that they have learned, because hey, I don’t know everything.
  4. Always look up while practicing. One of the hardest habits for new players to break is trying to look at the puck and the hockey stick the whole time they are practicing. This could be detrimental to your hockey career, as if you practice like this for too long, it could become a second nature habit, and they are a pain to break.
  5. After you have practiced all of these until you’re efficient, go on the ice and do them. The best way to improve stick handling is through experience, and if you can do all of these drills while skating, then you’re ready to start competing.
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