5 Home Remedies To Pass Drug Test

These 5 home remedies to pass a drug test may be more than just urban legend. Taking these home remedies to pass drug test can be effective to some, while it may not be just as effective to others though. You will find that these home remedies can be a natural way for you to pass a drug test taken from a urine test without costing you much. 

  1. Take water. Water is an effective and natural way to flush out THC metabolites from your system. These metabolites are the active component of marijuana that is detected by urine drug test. Drinking plenty of water just few hours prior to the test will load the kidney with enough water that it will dilute the urine.
  2. Exercise. The aim for exercising is to reduce weight to decrease the stored fats in the body. THC metabolites are stored in the fat cells and reducing weight will decrease the amount of fats stored in the body significantly. However, the affect is not immediate and it may not be a good home remedy to pass a drug test if you have a short period of time to prepare for the urine test schedule. The best way to use exercise in order to pass a drug test is to maintain a regular work out to reduce weight.
  3. Eat fruits that are natural diuretics. These are foods that have high water content that would easily dilute the urine containing THC metabolites. Watermelons, grapes, berries, tomatoes, oats, cabbage, carrots, lettuce and apples are just some of the many food sources with diuretic benefits. You need not have to spend extra money for synthetic diuretic medicines when you can obtain the same effect from fiber rich foods stored inside your fridge as a home remedy to pass a drug test.
  4. Vinegar. The use of vinegar as a home remedy to pass a drug test is often disputed because of its short term effect. But, it can decrease the pH of the urine and increasing its acidity that could accelerate the excretion of amphetamines from the body.
  5. Cranberry Juice. Because of its mild diuretic effect cranberry juice, it can help detoxify the body from traces of drugs in the urine. It is best to take the juice along with more fluids to easily flush out the metabolites in order to pass the drug test.
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