5 Home Remedies For A Toothache

These five home remedies for a toothache can make the difference between sleepless nights of agony or much needed rest-leading up to a dentist appointment. Home remedies for pain management are abundant, but only a few are commonly accepted as authentic and helpful. Listed below are the top five home remedies for a toothache in no particular order.

  • Ice on the hand. Whichever side of the jaw the pain originates from, apply an icy compress or bag of ice to the hand on that side of the body, effectively numbing the palm. Also recommended is to rest the frigid compress over the knuckle joint of that thumb, in an attempt to “freeze” and overwhelm the nerve running up the arm to the offending point in the mouth.
  • Clove oil. Long hailed as the end-all-be-all of home remedies for a toothache, clove oil or fresh cloves are invaluable to anyone suffering from tooth pain. A cotton ball saturated with clove oil can be applied directly to the offending tooth. Fresh cloves can be chewed (delicately) on the side with the toothache for moderate relief.
  • A piece of onion. As onions have antibacterial properties, placing a slice or chunk of onion on the inflamed side of the mouth can help reduce the infection, and thus the pressure in the gum or tooth causing the intense pain.
  • Liquor. A cotton ball soaked in brandy or whiskey can numb the gum and help ease a toothache. Alternatively, taking a drink of either liquor and holding it over the afflicted tooth can allow for considerable relief from the pain. As an added bonus, this provides a legitimate excuse to keep liquor on hand!
  • Wheat grass. A fantastic home remedy for a toothache, applying wheat grass as a mouthwash helps to draw out toxins from the tooth and gums to reduce inflammation and pain caused by bacteria.
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