5 Home Stereo Repair Tips

Looking for 5 home stereo repair tips? Sometimes a stereo can simply stop working due to age, damage during moving, and even install mistakes. Many people simply throw out their stereo and think it is time for a new one, but before you do that, make sure it isn’t something you can easily fix. 

  1. Check speaker wire. Many times a speaker may stop working because a wire may have come loose or the volume could simply be down all the way. While a volume issue may make you laugh, if the volume control is malfunctioning and show it should have sound in the speakers, it may actually be a problem with the volume control. Try giggling it to see if it will correct itself.
  2. Check the breaker. If the entire stereo will not turn on at all, rather then tossing it in the garbage, make certain your breaker did not switch off. It is possible the breaker is not providing any electricity to the part of the house where your stereo is located. 
  3. Plug into new outlet. If you have no power at all, something could be wrong with the outlet itself, try plugging the stereo into a different wall outlet. Sometimes this solves the problem as outlets can go “bad” and simply fail to work for a number of reasons. 
  4. Check the cable wire. If the sound coming out of one of the speakers or both is not clear, try removing the connections and re-connecting them to see if the sound is better, if not, you may have to replace the cable cord, which are relatively inexpensive to purchase. It could be simply not getting enough “juice” or maybe the wires in the cable became damaged. 
  5. Look at the wires. As a last attempt, you can remove the cover on the speaker and then remove the screws to expose the cone’s wires (be sure to unplug the stereo from the wall prior to beginning). Check to make sure all the wires are ground and tightly in place. Sometimes a loose wire is all it is and can easily be soldered back into place. 
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