5 Home Wet Bar Design Ideas

Incorporating some of these 5 home wet bar design ideas into your plans for a relaxation station will show your style and commitment to the weekend warrior lifestyle. Before you begin the actual construction of your wet bar, let you imagination roam. Think of your favorite local watering holes and incorporate some of the dynamics into your design.

  1. Keg set up. If you have the luxury of an adjoining room behind or beside your wet bar, it is easy to set up a keg tap. A keg set up will require a water line and some specific electrical considerations, however. Depending on how much space you have, or on how much your beer tastes vary, will determine how many taps you will install.
  2. Mirror-backed bar shelf. Aesthetically pleasing, this addition will make bartending easier and will encourage creative drink orders. Investing in some "show" bottles of your favorite liquor is a good idea. They will look impressive up on the mirror-backed shelf and can be a reserve stash if there is a run on Margaritas or Jagerbombs.
  3. Glass rack. A hanging glass rack will keep your hard ware out of the way and adds ambiance to a wet bar design. Stemware is notoriously finicky and will do well to have a designated area. A double wash sink is an impressive addition to the look and functionality of a wet bar glass rack.
  4. Track lighting. Nothing can turn a basement into an impressive bar setting like the right lighting. Track lighting is professional and practical. Installing track lighting is tricky but can be a rewarding do-it-yourself endeavor. You could probably get some extra hands if you offer your buddies some beer in exchange for their help.
  5. Poker table. Having a bar will likely turn your basement or rec room into a well-traveled part of your home. Having a poker table in the area will make for easy poker playing and will provide some much-needed seating.
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