5 Homemade Aphrodisiacs

Looking for 5 homemade aphrodisiacs that won't bust your wallet? The word "aphrodisiac" comes from Aphrodite–the Greek Goddess of Love. An aphrodisiac is a food, drink, or any other thing that arouses or intensifies sexual desire. Any man looking to seduce his partner will find these homemade aphrodisiacs to be a surefire path to incredible sexual intercourse.

  1. Chocolate. Women eat it when they are upset or menstruating. Men have brought it to prospective lovers for centuries. The decadent, delicious powers for chocolate are legendary. Bring her more–and better–than just a Hershey chocolate bar, and remember that most women prefer darker chocolate than men–unless your honey has specifically told you otherwise. There are two secret ingredients in chocolate. The first is phenylethylamine, which replicates the same sensation within the human brain as falling in love. The second is tryptophan, a component of serotonin, which is a chemical linked to sexual arousal.
  2. A Good Bottle of Wine. Many popular online resources promote an absurd fruit smoothie, blended from banana and strawberries with a hint of wheat germ, as the ultimate aphrodisiac. Don't fall for it. Nothing tops the aphrodisiac properties of alcohol. You've known it since you were a teenager, and so has every other healthy red-blooded American male. A good bottle of wine can be had for 20 to 30 dollars, and pairs well with food. Also, being able to select a good wine conveys class and competence, so don't just grab the first thing you see on the shelf. Take the time to do your research and learn how to identify a good wine and the food it goes with.
  3. Cook Her Dinner. An intimate dinner for two sets the stage for romance later in the evening. Of course, a meal in an expensive restaurant is impressive, but most women find a man who can cook to be even more admirable. You don't need to be a gourmet cook to make her a meal. Of course, do your research and understand the basics of food preparation before you attempt this. Also, get to know her likes and dislikes. It wouldn't due to serve a vegetarian lady filet mignon. Oh, and don't forget to uncork that good bottle of wine with the meal!
  4. Erotic Home Video. Male life would be so very simple if their female lovers were turned on by the same sort of porn they enjoy, but this is totally not the case. He has a much better chance of convincing her to co-star in an erotic home video than watching "Debbie Does Dallas". Of course, this requires a camcorder–and an adventuresome lover! Save this one for putting the spark back into the relationship. It probably won't go over too well on the first date.
  5. Bubble Bath for Two. Add some Philosophy bubble bath to the whirlpool tub, and light some scented candles. Put some romantic music on the stereo, and dim the lights. Then surprise your sweetie with a passionate bath for two!
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