5 Homemade Sex Toys

Experimenting with homemade sex toys can be a fun and exciting approach towards intimacy. They’re not only convenient and cost effective, but can also provide adventure in a relationship through sexual creativity. When using household objects as homemade sex toys, it’s important to keep hygiene and safety in mind. Be sure to wash all materials properly before use and chose items that are non-irritating.

  1. Fruit and Vegetables. Men can use various types of fruits and vegetables as homemade sex toys. Popular options for men include fruits such as a melon or pumpkin. Cut a hole a little larger then the girth of the penis into the fruit. Microwave the fruit for about 30 seconds prior to use. This option feels similar to the real thing.
  2. Bar of Soap. Numerous household objects can be transformed into homemade sex toys with just a little creativity. For men who are looking for homemade sex toys, consider a simple bar of soap. Use a drill to create a hole in the center of the bar of soap a little larger than the girth of the penis. Get the bar of soap wet and slippery and enjoy.
  3. Plastic Bags. Grocery store plastic bags can be used by men as a masturbation tool. It’s best to add a lubricant before beginning to avoid irritation to the penis. Use one hand to hold the plastic bag around the lubricated penis and stroke to use this method as a homemade sex toy.
  4. Toilet Paper Tube Toy. The next toy can be easily created by using a few simple materials including a toilet paper tube, personal lubricant and a condom.  Begin by placing the condom on the top (round end) of the empty toilet paper roll. Unroll the condom onto the toilet paper roll and down the base of the tube. It’s not only one of the most simple homemade sex toys, but it’s also one of the more pleasurable.
  5. Water Balloon Breasts. For our final project on our list of homemade sex toys, you will find the water balloon breasts toy. For this toy, you will need a pillow, water balloons, bra and lubricant.  Hook the bra around the pillow to give the impression that someone is wearing it. Next, fill two water balloons to the breast size you prefer. The larger the balloons, the firmer the breasts will feel. Place the water balloons into the bra. Apply lubricant to your member and enjoy.
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