5 Horror Movies Where Men Are Captured

These 5 horror movies where men are captured defy one of the most common horror clichés. In a typical horror film, it’s almost always the female character that gets captured. This is because females are seen by society as being more vulnerable. These movies show that a captured man can also seem very vulnerable if the director handles things correctly.

  1. “Hostel” – This is one of the most famous movies where men are captured. It’s about a group of guys that go on vacation in Eastern Europe and find out that the hostel they’re staying in is really a trap.
  2. “Saw” – This has probably spawned more sequels than any other movie where men are captured. It’s about two guys that wake up and find themselves in a dank basement with no windows. Eventually they figure out that they are part of a psychopaths demented game.
  3. “Eden Lake” – Very few films where men are captured have as much sheer brutality as this movie. It’s about a couple who go on vacation, and the man is captured by a group of dangerous youths.
  4. “Haze” – Out of all the films where men are captured, this is probably the strangest. It’s about a man who wakes up and finds himself in a tiny cramped tunnel.
  5. “Misery” – This is more story oriented than most other movies where men are captured. It’s about a writer who injures himself in a car accident, and is kidnapped by one of his biggest fans. She forces him to write a novel and tortures him to make sure he complies with her wishes. 
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