5 Hot Asian Women In Wetsuits

The five hot Asian women in wetsuits make any fan want to take up scuba diving just to get close to these angels. These hot Asian women put on those skin tight wetsuits that leaves nothing to the imagination about their sexy bodies. Whether in the depths or above in the beach, the hot Asian women take the wetsuit and make them into a stunning masterpiece. The combination of the wetsuits and hot Asian women brings a smile to the faces of fans who cannot resist a sexy siren in sweet looking body hugging attire. Here are the five hot Asian women in wetsuits:

  1. Asia Carrera. The hot Asian porn actress has done numerous porn movies from "A is for Asia" to "Satin & Lace." This sexy beauty definitely fills out a wetsuit when she starred in beach sets for many adult films like the "Babewatch" series.
  2. Tia Carrere. A gorgeous stunner has been in films from "Wayne's World" to "True Lies." In the TV series "Relic Hunter," the hot Asian babe dressed up sexily in a wetsuit for a scuba diving scene.
  3. Lucy Liu. She is a talented Chinese-American actress of TV's "Ally McBeal" to film's "Kill Bill Vol. 1." For "Charlie's Angels," this Asian cutie sported a jet black wetsuit and fans couldn't be happier.
  4. Kelly Hu. The Hawaiian native is no stranger to a wetsuit growing up in the tropical island most of her life. The "Hawaii Five-O" actress was on the magazine cover of "Scuba Diving" November 2006 issue in a tight wetsuit top.
  5. Bebe Pham. This Vietnamese actress and model is a scuba diving enthusiast and she isn't afraid to show it. She filmed a movie titled "Deep Gold" in Manila where she wears a very appealing wetsuit.



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