5 Hot Bikini Supermodels

If you want the insider “scoop” on 5 of the hottest bikini supermodels then you may have come to the wrong place but if you simply want to know who you should check out and who our choices are for those super hot steamy daydreams then here are our top five picks for hot bikini supermodels.

  1. Brooklyn Decker. Not only is this buxom beauty a regular in the world renowned “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition” she is on the 2010 cover. The beautiful Brookline Decker is a true sports fan who enjoys all professional games. But don’t get excited guys, she is a married lady. In 2009 Miss Decker tied the knot with tennis star Andy Roddick, but we can still ogle her in Victoria’s Secret. You can also catch her in editions of Glamour, "FHM" and "Cosmopolitan" magazines.  
  2. Marissa Miller. With a number one ranking on "Maxim Magazine’s" 2008 “Hot 100” list it is no wonder we have included this hot blond in our top 5 lists. Marisa Miller is not only a “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit star but she is also a “Victoria’s Secret” Angel and the first spokesperson for “Harley Davidson Motorcycles” in the long history of American Iron. What a Gal! And again sorry guys, Miss Miller is actually Mrs. She married Jim Miller in 2006. You can also catch Marisa Miller in the pages of "Vogue" and she won “The 2010 Sexiest Women in the World” poll in FHM’s global edition. The girl is also spokesperson for The American Cancer Society.  
  3. Laetitia Casta. Ooh La La! The gorgeous dark eyed French beauty is no longer a swimsuit model for our pleasure but has stepped onto the silver screen of acting but she is still playing a leading role in male fantasies everywhere. But if you are lucky you can still catch the VH1 50 Sexiest Video Moments where this raven haired beauty was ranked #28 in the video for Chris Isaak’s song “Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing” from 1999.  
  4. Bar Rafeal. No top 5 list of hot women would be complete without the haunting eyes of this Israeli model. Leonardo DiCaprio was one lucky man to have dated this girl. She was on the cover of the 2009 “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition” and appeared in "Elle," "GQ" and "Maxim" as well. In 2009 a photo of her was painted on the side of a Boeing 737 airplane for Southwest Airlines in a bikini which caused an uproar for being too “sexual for families.”  
  5. Christine Teigen. Although a relative newcomer to the swimsuit super model scene this lovely young Norwegian/Thai has come to our attention in a big way. She debuted in the 2010 “Sports Illustrated” Swimsuit edition and has been busy with a 2008 appearance in "Maxim" as well as many ads for Fredericks of Hollywood, Rock and Republic, Billabong and Garage Clothing. According to Wikipedia she was also scheduled to appear in Victoria’s Secret Pink fall campaign a development we will be avidly watching.
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