5 Hot Black Supermodels

Black supermodels are in the minority when it comes to the fashion world, but here are five hot black supermodels that have paved the way for others to come through. All five of these hot black supermodels have been the first to achieve something in the modeling world. Whether it be gracing the cover of a high end fashion magazine or landing a cosmetic contract, these five black models have overcome obstacles to achieve supermodel status.

  1. Naomi Campbell. British supermodel Naomi Campbell is not only the hottest black supermodel, but also one of the most well known. Discovered at the age of fifteen, Naomi's first cover was British Elle and went on to become the first black model to grace the covers of TIME magazine and French and British Vogue. Walking in top designer runway shows and gracing the cover of every high fashion magazine, Naomi Campbell has achieved fame and notoriety worldwide.
  2. Tyra Banks. American supermodel Tyra Banks has done it all: ad campaigns, cosmetic endorsements, singing, acting, and being the executive producer/judge of the popular show "America's Next Top Model," but first and foremost, she is one of the hottest black models. Tyra's career started in Paris where she booked twenty-five shows within her first week there. Walking the runway for all the major fashion designers landed her major print ads, and Tyra became the first black Victoria Secret model to land on the catalog cover in 1997.
  3. Iman Abdulmajid. Achieving what few supermodels have done, Iman is known worldwide by her first name only. Somalian supermodel Iman received her big break when photographer Peter Beard spotted her walking in Nairobi and asked to photograph her. Eighteen year old Iman agreed to the price of eight thousand dollars which was the price of her tuition. Moving to New York, Iman was quickly thrusted into the fashion world where she stayed one of the top supermodels for fourteen years before retiring.
  4. Veronica Webb. Veronica became the first black supermodel to land a deal with a major cosmetic line back in 1992 with Revlon. Veronica became a published author in 1998 with her book "Veronica Webb Sight: Adventures in The Big City" and was the co host the first season of "Tim Gunn's Guide To Style" which aired on Bravo in 2007.
  5. Naomi Ruth Sim. A list of five hot black supermodels cannot be complete without Naomi Ruth Sim, the world's first black supermodel. Naomi Sim paved the way for other African American's in the industry by never giving up her pursuit of becoming a fashion model. Naomi faced racial prejudice from agencies and instead of giving up, Naomi took a hold of her career by asking photographer Gosta Peterson to photograph her for The New York Times fashion supplement. The following year, Naomi appeared on the cover of Life magazine with the caption reading, "Black Models Take Center Stage".



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